Expertise in IT and electronic design

Does your solution encounter programming or reliability issues ?
Is your connected object or embedded system not functioning properly?

Digitam provides transdisciplinary expertise to advise and help you (re)design your solution in a responsive and collaborative way, whatever stage your project may be in.

The Digitam team is your digital and electronic “Fire Brigade”. We bring in an expert’s perspective to optimize your project using a professional and pragmatic approach. Digitam is a reliable and responsive partner. We combine expert IT skills, a profound knowledge of a multitude of activity sectors and agility. We only have one goal: work together to turn your project into a success story!

The Digitam team walks you through the improvement and correction of your project to meet your needs with an efficient and practical solution.

Our methodology: a solution to every problem!

After our initial expertise, Digitam offers 3 types of action plans:

  • Short-term action plan to solve technical issues,
  • Medium-term action plan to solve the “human” errors that are at the basis of technical issues
    • Step-By-Step implementation of follow-up and changes,
    • Training of external and internal teams.
  • Long-term action plan: to avoid new problems
    • We monitor your company by measuring the deviation rate from initial recommendations or situations at a specific time T.

Why use Digitam?

Here at Digitam, we provide innovative solutions that fit your needs and help you increase skill.

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