Quality / Security

Digitam applies the same quality standards as big IT companies to every single project we handle. We combine high quality standards with a practical approach designed for small and medium-sized companies. We also pay special attention to security issues by associating our rigorous in-house methodology with innovative tools.

Cyber security above all

For connected devices and embedded systems, malfunction can be caused by flawed design but is also, more often than not, to be attributed to a lack of rigor when it comes to networks.

Digitam has extensive expertise in cyber security and safeguards the confidentiality of data that are exchanged between the objects and systems we design and existing internet networks. This approach helps you obtain optimum customer satisfaction with your endusers (your customers !).

Coming soon: ISO 27001 training sessions

Quality is key

Properly coded software is, above all, software that has been developed following well-designed, specific steps.

The result is reliable, bug-free software that can be shared so that everyone can fluently contribute to its further improvement.

Quality is also at the center of our approach when we develop connected objects and embedded systems. Digitam follows a very strict process to ensure the solutions we deliver meet and exceed expectations:

  • Compliance audits,
  • Training sessions,
  • Software quality.

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