Since 2011, Digitam has trained over 100 small and medium-sized companies to help them adopt the right work reflexes.

We’ve designed our training sessions to include the best of both worlds. We combine industrial expertise with the agility of start-ups. Our methods are easy to implement, pragmatic and accessible for small and medium-sized companies.

Digitam has a genuine desire to spread good practice, which is why we organize monthly webinars on subjects that are raised by the community. Philanthropy, mutual exchanges and enrichment are at the heart of all Digitam webinars!


  • Theoretical classes that are alternated with case studies to combine knowledge and know-how,
  • Designing a complete software program with integrated tools for quality control.
  • This approach helps your manager quickly measure the impact of the software on quality without extra cost.


  • Small and medium-sized companies
  • Startups
  • Electronic consultancy firms


  • Develop an application for smartphones/tablets,
  • Design a connected device or embedded system,
  • Improve knowledge to optimize daily use.

Training sessions

Training in software coding



  • Initiation in coding for general programmers to assemble microcontrollers and/or programmable logic controllers,
  • Upscale programmers who have empirical C code knowledge.
Contents: Growth, correct language use and code history to understand why their specific way of functioning.

Software quality and testability training

Software bus that are detected in a late stage, during the production stage or, worse, after delivery, have an extremely negative cost impact on the company.


  • Present the complete range of methods and tools that allow to capture a maximum of errors
  • Improve the reliability of in-house developed software,
  • Acquire good practice
  • Manipulate the tools that allow to create reliable, high-quality code.

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